Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I try Legito for free?

    Yes. The Legito editor is available for free.

  2. How do I create a template?

    In our editor, which you’ll gain access to once you register. Just drag and drop different components into the editor to create templates that maintain all their legal fortitude.

  3. How much time will it take?

    Most of our lawyers manage to create one template in two to four hours. At the beginning, it’s better to count on a bit more time. To help you get started, we’ve prepared some articles and even a video tutorial.

  4. Can I hire a trainee lawyer or a law student to create the templates?

    Of course you can. And lots of our lawyers use these services. Just remember that you will still be responsible for the correctness of the template.

  5. What types of legal documents can I create?

    This is entirely up to you. We focus mainly on contracts, but our collection also contains legal actions, court records, affidavits, and other legal documents.

  6. Can another lawyer create a template similar to mine?

    No. In Legito, we want to have only one template to cover the given situation for the whole country. The only exception to this is when another lawyer creates a template for a related but more specific situation.

  7. Am I liable for the way the user fills out or uses the template?

    No. An author of a template is not responsible for making sure it is used in the correct situation or set up and filled out correctly.

  8. What is my commission from template sales?

    Your commission is 10% of the price of each sold template. On top of that, an additional 30% of the total earnings from user subscriptions will be divided among lawyers of your country. Your portion is determined by taking the number of times users purchased your documents and dividing it by the total number of documents purchased.

  9. Who sets the price of the template I create?

    You set the initial price yourself from a range of preset prices shown to be effective in your country. We then keep track of how well the template sells and may adjust the price later to increase the documents success and may adjust the price later to increase their performance.

  10. What are “additional legal services”?

    For each template you create you can provide additional legal services:

    • Evaluate whether the user set up their legal document in our system correctly.
    • Evaluate the second party’s comments on the legal document.
    • Create (set up) the legal document for the user.

    These additional services are ordered by the users through Legito and the users then communicate directly with you.

  11. Who sets the prices for the additional legal services?

    You do. In general, these prices should be lower than average prices on the market because Legito saves you a lot of time.

  12. How is the payment for the additional legal services made?

    The users pay for the additional legal services in advance through our payment gate. If you receive an order from a user, then it’s already been paid for.

    We charge a processing fee of 20% of the price of the given legal services.

  13. Can I check to make sure you are sending me correct sales data?

    Absolutely. We’ll be happy to grant you access to our Google Analytics, where you’ll be able to see the number of conversions.

  14. How can the personal marketing specialist help me?

    Working with the whole Legito team, your personal marketing specialist helps you increase your revenues and attract new clients. The specialist will:

    • Provide marketing analyses for your templates and analyse behaviour and needs of the users.
    • Help set optimal prices of your documents and services.
    • Give advice on presenting and promoting your solicitor’s office.
  15. How will you promote my solicitor’s office?

    • Every template you create will feature your profile on it, including your photo, name, some facts about you, and a link to your website.
    • Each e-mail sent to a user containing a legal document will mention that the document was created by you.
    • If you write an article for a contract, the article will refer to your contract and will feature your profile, too.
    • We’ll prepare a marketing campaign for each template you create and invest our own resources toward promoting it. We do this mainly by purchasing advertising in search engines.
    • We establish partnerships with online portals and other business partners who will promote or share your legal documents.
    • We also promote Legito services on social networks.
    • Our expert online marketers will make sure your legal documents reach the right target groups.
  16. Who pays the sales partner commissions and other business expenses?

    All these commissions and expenses are paid by us.

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